A high level of partecipation for IPKarting at the WSK Euro Series in Lonato

A high level of partecipation for IPKarting at the WSK Euro Series in Lonato

As many as 17 drivers, of which 12 very young 60 Mini drivers, took to the track at the South Garda Karting in Lonato with Praga Kart, Formula K and RS chassis, for the third round of the WSK Euro Series.

Round 3 of the WSK Euro Series, that took place at South Garda Karting in Lonato from 21 to 23 June, saw a huge number of drivers present. Undoubtedly, a large number of IPK Group brands participated, bringing 17 drivers onto the track with at least one representative in each of the classes present: KZ2, OK, OKJ and 60 Mini.

The largest group was in the 60 Mini with 12 IPKarting drivers: among them, putting themselves in the spotlight immediately, were Matias Orjuela and Petr Ageev (Praga Racing Team) who finished among the top 20 in the qualifiers. In the subsequent heats, Ageev confirmed all the goodness of the IPK material by achieving a top ten position in all 5 races and reaching 15th position in the rankings. Orjuela struggled a little more, but he also easily qualified for the pre-final where he joined Louis Iglesias, Gerasim Skulanov, Andrei Nikandrov, Aleksander Bogunovic (all Praga Racing Team), Guillaume Bouzar (Schumacher Junior Team) and Kostin Plato ( Formula K Junior Team).
In the pre-final it was Nikandrov who led a remarkable race, climbing 7 positions and finishing 8th. A little further back was Iglesias, who finished 12th. The other drivers were very unlucky, they ran into some penalties and minor inconveniences that compromised the results. It is worth mentioning the excellent comeback of 8 positions by Kostin, although it was not enough to access the final.
Nikandrov did very well In the decisive race, as did Iglesias who, however, was given a penalty of 5″ which caused him to slide down to 21st place.

In the single-gear classes, IP Karting was present in OKJ, with the Korean Kim Hwarang (Formula K Junior Team), and in OK, with the Italian Leandro Cerruti (Schumacher Junior Team). The latter, in particular, led very good heats always near the top ten and confirmed his performance with a pre-final where he finished in 13th place. Unfortunately, he was also unlucky in the final and the result was not in line with the potential he demonstrated.

For the class with the KZ2 gear change, the Lonato circuit race one was the last race in the 2019 WSK Euro Series. On this occasion, Francesco Celenta (Praga Racing Team) also confirmed that he is one of the protagonists in this class, achieving the 6th fastest time in the qualifiers. The heats began with bad omens, since the first test ended even before it started, not giving the driver the chance to start driving. However, Celenta did not lose heart and achieved a first and second place in the subsequent heats and finished 13th in the pre-final. Despite a complicated starting position, he recovered 11 positions In the final, finishing 14th. Just behind him was Jeremy Iglesias (Formula K Racing Team), also a good runner and a prefinal in which he finished in 9th position.
Tom Leuillet (Praga Racing Team) struggled a bit more in the heats, but ran wild in the pre-final, recovering 11 positions. This was not enough to access the final, but enough to once more prove the competitiveness of the IP Karting material.

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