Entry level kart with high performance


Entry level kart with high performance.

Professional research, analysis and development

Informed by thousands of races and track tests carried out by our factory teams, our company's engineers are constantly analysing, improving and developing our products.

Technology that wins on every track

Fuelled by years of experience and the latest technology, Praga karts are the right tool to achieve success in any race, on any track.

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Made with passion and precision


Main features Dark

Tubular frame Ø30x2 mm
Black bodywork 506 model CIK-FIA homologated
Hydraulic brake system with Ø195 mm ventiled and floating rear disc
Steering wheel Ø320 mm “FASTER” model
Aluminium wheels Ø5 inches, 130 mm (F) – 210 mm (R)
Tank capacity 8.5 litre
Seat “M7” sizes 28 | 30 | 31 | 32 | 34 | 35
Axle Ø50x1030 mm
Spindles Ø25 mm with Ø10 mm kingpins



1050 mm

117 years of engineering excellence

Since 1907 we have designed, developed and produced racing cars, road cars,
airplanes, trucks, buses, motorcycles and go-karts for the world.

Our Global Network

Contact any of our dealers worldwide and order your Praga kart in your preferred configuration today. Are you interested in our company? Write us a message – our specialists will get back to you.

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