The ultimate track focused hypercar

An exclusive, one-of-a-kind road legal hypercar with the breathtaking combination of light weight, high power and phenomenal aero – for the ultimate track day experience and full usability and practicality for the road. All from a company with proven race success.

982 kg

Weight to power

1.40 kg/bhp

Driving the Bohema is an experience like no other. I do not recall driving a road-legal car that's this close to a race car. Some of them will go into collections, but I hope many of them will go to racetracks, because, as a racing driver, I believe a car like the Bohema should be on the track. And I can tell you that if you see this car on the track, the guy who is driving it is a top driver.

Romain Grosjean
700 bhp

Designed with
Pure Racing

Top view model of a blue Bohema
Weight to Power
798 kg
LeMans LMP1
875 kg
982 kg
avg. Hypersport
1350 kg
LeMans LMH
1030 kg
avg. Supersport
1525 kg
GT3 Race Car
1245 kg
Series Sports Car
1620 kg

Bred on
the Track


Being fastest is not just about max power. An obsession on weight delivers extreme performance at just 982 kg.


Aero is key to be the fastest through the corners. Bohema generates 900 kg of downforce at 250 km/h.


The Bohema is about perfect balance and the purest driving experience, unfettered by unnecessary electronics and excess weight.


  • Ultimate road-legal track day car
  • Comfortably seats two adults
  • Reliable, proven powertrain
  • Carbon fibre construction
  • Unique and evocative design language
  • 115 years of engineering heritage
  • Brilliantly packaged cabin with bespoke switchgear
  • Cylinders / valves:
  • Engine power:
  • Engine torque:
  • 6 / 24
  • 700 bhp at 6,800 rpm
  • 725 Nm from 3,000 to 6,000 rpm
  • Displacement:
  • Top speed:
  • 3.8 l
  • 300+ km/h
  • Carbon fibre monocoque & body
  • Mid-engine layout
  • Rear wheel drive
  • LHD / RHD
  • Downforce at 250 km/h: 900 kg
  • 0-100 km/h: sub 3.5 s
The simple fact that
You Can Drive a Race Car on the Road is enough

& Bespoke Functionality

Just because it’s race-bred doesn’t mean it can’t be luxurious and practical. The Bohema features air conditioning, tailored luggage compartments, high quality leather or Alcantara and perfect ergonomics for two tall adults to sit comfortably.

  • Every detail is perfect...the exquisite hidden pop-out holder allows you to use your phone for an ‘always up to date’ sat-nav.
Phone holder
  • The bespoke steering wheel is unique to the Bohema, developed for perfect ergonomics, no matter the size of your hands.
Steering wheel with display
  • Bespoke luggage produced in high-quality leather slips into the Bohema’s deep side storage wells to pack for your track gear or weekends away.
Bespoke luggage in the Bohema’s deep storage wells
  • The car comfortably seats two passengers with the driver's seat is electronically adjustable.
The hand-made leather headrests
  • Bespoke, ergonomic control panel offers exquisite design and functionality.
Ergonomic control panels

Art of

The detailed hand-made, genuine leather

Everything must fit perfectly. Each section of the car is meticulously hand assembled with thorough fitment quality controlled checks in place.

The application of finest alcantara and leather

The Bohema’s interior is the perfect combination of carbon parts upholstered with the finest alcantara and leather.

Hand stitchwork on the genuine leather

No machine can reach the level of precision and luxury that we strive for, which is why we hand-stitch every trim part.

Leather being smoothened by hand

We combine high-tech materials and construction with the very best of traditional processes and craftsmanship.

The sewing of the genuine leather

Alcantara parts are stitched in the very same colour palette that the car is finished in. Every detail matters to us.

The application of the genuine leather

The alcantara leather provides a natural look with a fine 'writing' effect, dyeing possibilities in an extremely wide colour range, excellent colour fastness and wash and wear properties. It has excellent air permeability and is very light weight which is the essence of the Bohema.


No effort has been spared in the development: wind tunnel testing with an F1 racing team, plus thousands of hours and test kilometers spent testing on both road and track.

Bohema design process
Front view of a clay model
Blurred angled back view of a black Bohema
Custom Bohema on a race track
Custom Bohema on a race track viewed from the side
Angled view of a blue Bohema
Angled back view of a blue Bohema
Side view of a blue Bohema
Angled view of a blue Bohema with window reflection

Tempted for a ride?

Blue Bohema with the doors opened