Praga Alfa

Praga Alfa - the multi-purpose, reliable and low-cost performance aircraft.

SM-92T Praga Alfa

Our engineering excellence gave birth to an extraordinary workhorse of the sky. Praga Alfa the multi-purpose, STOL performance aircraft. Reliable and low cost maintenance workhorse.

Cargo 900 kg
Passangers 6
Short take-off and landing (STOL) capabilities
Sliding door

Easy conversion between various configurations. Highly reliable and efficient turboprop engine.

Made with passion and precision

With the new Praga Alfa, we are returning our brand to the skies. The versatile STOL single-engine turboprop airplane is the first aircraft from our company in several decades, but it has a great tradition to follow on.


Main features

Fuselage length/height 32.7 ft / 13.72 ft
Wingspan / wingarea 47.9 ft / 220.6 sq ft
Cabin w / l / h 4.13 ft / 3.9 ft / 11.14 ft
Passenger door l / h 3.93 ft / 3.61 ft
Maximum take off weight 6,614 lb
Empty aircraft weight 3,638 lb
Cargo Pod up to 662 lb
Max fuel load 206 gal
Propeller V508E
Engine GE H75-200
Take off power 750 SHP
Max cruise speed 162 knot
Take off distance 1,660 ft
Landing Distance 1,444 ft



Passenger transport up to 6 with their luggage
Cargo transport payload up to 900 kg / 1,984 lb
Ambulance / MEDEVAC: 2 stretchers, 5 seats
Paratroop: 10 paratroopers / H 4,200 m / cycle is 14 minutes
Forest fire control: patrolling, fireman parachute drops and can be adapted to carry a 900 litre (238 gal) hopper for water and fire detergent drops

  • Crop Spraying
  • Special Application
  • Photogrammetric works
  • Agricultural aerial work
  • Pilot Training
  • Monitoring flights
  • Gliders and Banners towing
  • Amphibian

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