Praga R4S

Praga R4S

(No longer available)

It was the beginning of our new era. Following the long and storied tradition of the Praga brand, we created an exceptional race car. Praga R4S was the first in a line and, on occasion, crossed the line first. It served us to gain expertise in many areas, from engineering to aerodynamics, and we used it to prove ourselves on the racetracks around the world.


Engineering excellence

We built the Praga R4S with demanding, experienced racing drivers in mind. To fulfil their expectations, we had to engineer something exceptional. With extreme torsional rigidity and super-efficient aerodynamics, as well as superb handling, it was immediately fast. And we also built it to be extremely safe, fulfilling or exceeding the highest standards.


Giant slayer

When we took it to the racetracks, the R4S quickly proved its worth. For example, on one of our favourite circuits for testing, the Slovakia Ring, it did a lap in 1:59. In comparison, the fastest lap time achieved by the Lamborghini Gallardo GT3 Supertrofeo LM GTE race car was around 2:02.

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Welding precision

Attention to detail on the Praga R4S starts with welding precision

Superstrong aluminium

The super strong 7075 billet aluminium parts are almost works of art

Multipoint Suspension

Dry/Wet complete set-up in few seconds – by changing position of just a single screw

Mechanical datalogger

Mechanical datalogger on all wheels provides alternative weight balance set-up and suspension travel information

117 years of engineering excellence

Since 1907 we have designed, developed and produced racing cars, road cars,
airplanes, trucks, buses, motorcycles and go-karts for the world.