A place on the podium almost achieved in the KZ2 International Super Cup

A place on the podium almost achieved in the KZ2 International Super Cup

Excellent results for IPK chassis in Lonato during the FIA Karting World Championship and the FIA Karting International Super Cup: Giacomo Pollini achieved fourth place with the Formula K chassis, after a weekend spent as a protagonist. Marco Tormen came 7th with the Praga chassis. Francesco Celenta instead entered the top ten in KZ.

The most important weekend of the FIA Karting season for karts with gears on the South Garda Karting track in Lonato, in the KZ World Championship and the KZ2 International Super Cup. There were many IPK chassis present which did well in both classes and with both the Formula K and Praga brands.

They were the highest number in KZ2, with 9 IPK chassis present, including an OK1, driven by Filippo Calligaris (OK1 Racing Team).
Giacomo Pollini, a driver of the Formula K Racing Team, was very fast in the qualifiers. He achieved the second best performance out of 122 drivers. This was the start of a series of heats raced as a protagonist, in which the Italian won twice, achieved three second and a third place, gaining a place in the second row of the starting grid. Here, he constantly competed with the best, achieving a virtual third place for a few laps and, finally, finishing fourth. An exceptional result, even if, just after the event, there remains a pinch of understandable sporting disappointment for a podium that was certainly within reach.
Another main player in the classwas Marco Tormen (F.D. Motor), who won once, came third twice and achieved 3 fourth places in the heats, achieving seventh place in the final with his Praga chassis.
A final that Natalia Balbo (NGM Motorsport) and Tom Leuillet (Praga Racing Team) reached. The former was the fastest in the heats, also coming second, with 5 positions gained, and entering the top ten 5 times out of 6. Only one less brilliant result compromised the starting position in the final, in which Natalia finished 18th. Leuillet instead entered the top ten 4 times in the Qualifying Heats, finishing in 26th place in the final.

There were 5 IPK chassis in the KZ. The fastest of these in the qualifying heats was the Praga driven by Francesco Celenta (Praga Racing Team), who achieved the 12th best time and, in the heats, was always in the top 8, also achieving a best lap. Then, in the Final, Celenta completed his excellent weekend by climbing two positions and finishing 10th. Jeremy Iglesias (Formula K Racing Team) also did well, competing in the heats with determination and continuing in the final to take 14th place.
Petr Ptacek (RS Schumacher Racing Team) made an important comeback in the final,climbing 8 positions and thereby demonstrating all the competitiveness of IPK material.
Lorenzo Lapina (Narnia Racing NRT) and Jorge Carlos Pescador (Magik Racing Team) were also present in the final with the Praga chassis, while Mauro Simoni (OK1 Racing Team) while he qualified well and finished in 25th place with the OK1 chassis.

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