Classic Car  Race Aarhus in Denmark

Classic Car Race Aarhus in Denmark

You might not have heard of the CCRA, but in Denmark it is very well known among the car enthusiast community. The Classic Car Race is the largest car event in the northern part of Europe. The amazingly well organised event located in the green parts of beautiful Aarhus presented real racing, historic fun racing, F1 presentational rides, super car runs and this year also one exquisite solo drive of the Praga R1 race car.

Praga was invited to the CCRA as a guest and it had a very special position at the festival which has been founded 7 years ago by a Czech honorary consul Niels Brøchner. Czech Republic had its own exhibition space where Praga was invited to represent Czech Republic to the 40.000 strong crowds of Scandinavian spectators. The Czech ambassador Jiri Brodsky was also at the stand during the weekend where he was most helpful with the entire organisation. Being a star of a show was never hard for the Praga R1 but when Mr Brøchner sat behind the wheel for the running presentation all the cameras were pinched on the car with an extraordinary intensity. Niels covered lap after lap speeding up every round and at one moment it seemed that he will empty the tank doing so. „Although I already drove an ex-F1 car this morning driving the Praga was a thrill and I enjoyed it so much“ commented the founder after his presentational solo run.

The Danish spectators formed a firm circle around the R1 wherever it appeared and they asked about pretty much all there is to ask about the car. The quality of automotive culture in Denmark is hard to compare to and it came as a pleasant surprised of how much the Danish people new about the Praga brand and its history.
The Classic Car Race Aarhus is an exemplary car event which has something for all, the true petrol heads as well as families looking for an interesting weekend program. It was a great honour for Praga to be invited and to be able to support such an event. We already have some great plans on cooperation with the organisation team of CCRA and we are looking forward to them all.

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