Different frame solutions by Praga Karts

Different frame solutions by Praga Karts

The perfect chassis, for every occasion: this is Praga Karts’ philosophy, which aims at offering its clients the best possible materials according to the competition in which they are engaged.
Why can’t a single chassis satisfy every need? Simple! Nowadays, each championship (CIK-FIA, Rotax Challenge, X30 Challenge, etc.) uses different types of tires and a chassis which adapts itself very well to a specific compound, if it is used in another competition, with a different type of tires, it may not provide the same performance.
Another variable, certainly not of a secondary importance, is also the grip on the asphalt, which varies depending on the track and the weather conditions.
To solve these issues, IPKarting, the manufacturing company of chassis for Praga Karts, has studied different solutions of frame in order to offer the very best performance in any type of conditions.
The Praga Karts chassis available for 12 years old and up are four: Praga Dragon Evo, Praga Tacho, Praga Invictus and Praga Dark. For the younger ones, the available models are Praga Piccolo Evo and Praga Baby. The differences are found in the design of the frame and in the diameter of the tubes.

Praga Dragon Evo

dragon evo
The Praga Dragon Evo represents the top-of-the-range of the IPKarting range, the result of the experience gained by the official Praga Karts Racing Team in the major competitions around the world. Dragon Evo is available in four variants: XS1, XS3, DD2, MINIMAX, depending on the category in which it is employed.  The chassis can be equipped with the braking system only on the rear, on the front and the rear or rear system with front manual brake.
The frame is composed of a 30 mm diameter tube and the adjustment of the Camber and Caster is entrusted to the CCs system, completely developed by the IPKarting technicians.


Praga Tacho

Praga Tacho completes the core line of Praga Karts chassis.  Available in the versions XS1 and DD2, it can also be used in the following categories: KZ1/KZ2; OKJ/OK; ROTAX, ROTAX MAX DD2.
Almost the entire chassis is composed of 30 mm diameter tubes and only the central crossbar which joins the two spars has a diameter of 32 mm.  The chassis, winner of the World Cup KZ1 in 2012 in Sarno (Italy), can be fitted with three different braking systems, depending on the category’s regulations in which it is used.


Praga Invictus

Invictus, like Praga Tacho, consists of a frame with tubes of 30 and 32 mm, yet, differently than Tacho, the 32 mm tubes are used more often. In fact, only the front of the chassis is made with 30 mm diameter tubes while tubes of 32 mm are utilized for the rest of the frame. As in the Dragon Evo and Tacho, Invictus too is equipped with the braking system suitable for the category in which it will be used: KZ1/KZ2, OKJ/OK, ROTAX, ROTAX MAX DD2.



Praga Piccolo Evo

piccolo evo
The maximum evolution for the smaller pilots. This was the challenge undertaken by the IPKarting experienced technicians in the development of Piccolo Evo.  The chassis, for the MINI 60, ROTAX MINI and MICRO MAX categories, is composed by a 28 mm diameter tube. The rear braking system MKB-V1, one of the strong points of Piccolo Evo, consists of a ventilated floating disc with a diameter of 149 mm, which ensures modulated braking and maximum safety.



Praga Baby

Praga Baby is the smallest chassis in the family. Designed for the youngest drivers who move into the first steps in the world of karting, it is recommended for children from the age of 6 to 8 years old. All tubes in the chassis have a diameter of 28 mm.  It is equipped with an adjustable pedal which allows to quickly adapt the kart to the height of the younger pilots. Praga Baby comes complete with a Honda GX35 engine, chosen for its low maintenance requirements and its high reliability.



Praga Dark

Dark concludes the range of Praga chassis.  This model has been designed to offer an excellent price/quality value thus allowing everyone to get into the world of karting. The chassis, which distinguishes itself from all the Praga Karts range for its black colouring, is composed by 30 mm diameter tubes and features “black line” components.  The braking system is present only in the rear and is composed of a cast iron disk. The pump is integrated with oil recovery tank and it allows to always maintain the same stroke of the brake pedal.

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