Great successes for Leading Edge IPK factory team in the USA managed by Greg Bell

Great successes for Leading Edge IPK factory team in the USA managed by Greg Bell

The end of the international karting season coincides with some of the most important events on the race calendar in the United States.  Leading Edge IPK factory team was a great protagonist with two fantastic victories, achieved by Danny Formal and his Formula K chassis in the ROK the RIO and at the SuperNats in Las Vegas.

As per tradition, when the season of international karting turns off its engines in the Old Continent, the spotlight of the top karting focuses in the USA, where, in the final months of the year, some of the most important events of the overseas (and not only) Karting take place.
Above all, there is the SKUSA SuperNats in Las Vegas, a true end-of-the-year happening, now in its 23rd season. This attracts over 500 drivers from all over the world and as always offers hard-fought and spectacular races.
Here, in the KZ category, one of the most prestigious categories and the one in which the presence of international drivers is the more numerous, Danny Formal has brought the Formula K chassis to success thanks to a weekend experienced as a protagonist with a final comeback.
Danny scored the 5th absolute time in qualifying. Then, in the following 3 heats he remained in similar positions, without ever forcing or risking more than necessary. In the final, on the other hand, he showed no hesitation and, taking off from the 5th position, he immediately took second place. Here he gave life to an exciting duel with Marijn Kremers, overtaking him for the first time in the middle of the race, but being surpassed by Kremers shortly after. Then, 5 laps from the end a new, decisive attack gave Formal and Formula K an outstanding success.
The success had arrived two weeks before as well, always in Las Vegas, on the occasion of the ROK the RIO, one of the most important events of the ROK Cup USA single-brand calendar. On this occasion Danny Formal started very strong, achieving the best time since qualifying . Two other successes, along with a 2nd and 4th place, were achieved in the subsequent heats, giving Formal the second spot at the start of the finals. Here, once again, the race was marked by a fierce duel that saw the Leading Edge driver fighting wheel to wheel with Mathias Ramirez. The two exchanged the leadership several times, until Formal did his decisive overtaking on the last lap, thus winning the first of two extraordinary triumphs in the USA. Of course, always behind the wheel of his Formula K chassis.

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