How to be a Praga dealer

How to be a Praga dealer

In 2020 we set out to build a small international network of Praga R1 race car dealers to build on the growing demand for the all-carbon racer.

One of the first we signed in 2021 was Praga Racing ANZ based out of the EMS Euro Motorsport business in Melbourne. Rick Campbell, Nik Manukyan, George Suchomel and the team have since operated this fledgling relationship in a textbook manner that is a template for how we want to work with partners globally.

If you would like to be part of the Praga global partner network, see how many of the 12 boxes below you tick.

1. Researched the R1 and the UK-based race programme

2. Contacted Praga through and expressed an interest in becoming a Praga dealer

3. (Secretly…we know!) contacted Praga R1 factory driver, Miles Lacey, and other drivers to assess the car and its performance, and seek feedback on Praga management and business operations

4. Despite Covid travel restrictions preventing travel, ordered two R1s having never seen a car in the flesh (carbon) let alone tested one

5. Took delivery, wrapped, marketed the cars and set about securing a place in the Australian Prototype Series for 2022

6. Contracted one of the hottest Australian racing talents, Ricky Capo, to lead the charge to win the championship in season 1

7. Won races regularly (most important point!)

8. Presented their marketing car at track days, test days and motorsport shows

9. Met us at the 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed and introduced us to their friends from Zagame Automotive, Australia’s most successful supercar dealer group

10. Set about plans to enter a Praga Racing ANZ R1 in the 2023 UK Praga racing series

11. Generate engaging social media content and PR activity

12. Speak with Praga HQ regularly: tell us what works and, most importantly, where we could be doing things better

To view the current international network of Praga R1 race car dealers, click here.

If you are interested in joining the network as a dealer or partner, email us on




PR contact:
Lucy Burman
Communications Manager, Praga Cars UK

Praga Cup contact:
Charlotte Ford
Motorsport Operations, Praga Cars UK

R1 sales contact:
Vincent Randall
Praga Racing UK

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