IPKarting takes back the reins of its Official Racing Team

IPKarting takes back the reins of its Official Racing Team

IPK and Serafini Racing part ways, as the factory team will be managed by company co-owner Petr Ulbert.

Just over three months after announcing the new owners of IPKarting, the company communicates further changes with regard to its racing division, as Serafini Racing will no longer run the IPK Official Racing Team. With a fruitful collaboration coming to an end, IPKarting would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Juri Serafini (owner of Serafini Racing) for all his efforts. Following an intense international season in 2022, where the team especially left a mark by winning the WSK Final Cup in OKJ with Emanuele Olivieri, the Italian technician continued to work hard in 2023 and IPK now wishes him the best in his future endeavours.

IPKarting will return to deal with the racing team department personally, guided by Petr Ulbert to manage the racing activities of the Praga Kart, Formula K, OK1 and RS Kart brands. After having recently bought, together with his partner Daniel Sliva, the shares of IPK from former corporate leader Petr Ptacek, the highly experienced team manager is ready to take on a new challenge. In charge of the satellite SUMAKO IPK Racing Team squad lately, Ulbert will reunite with IPKarting’s factory team, which he was already supporting back in 2012 when the company won the CIK-FIA World Cup in KZ1 with Bas Lammers and the Praga Kart chassis. Relying on his valuable know-how, Petr will lead the Official Racing Team’s management makeover, which will begin in September throughout two prestigious international events such as the World Championships for both the OK-OKJ and KZ categories. This visionary process will then conclude between the end of 2023 and the beginning of 2024, with IPKarting taking further steps towards its long-term goals.

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