KARTSHOP AMPFING: Success Story of Praga’s Dealer in Germany

KARTSHOP AMPFING: Success Story of Praga’s Dealer in Germany

In a small, ordinary municipality in Germany called Ampfing, there is an extraordinary man. Torsten Kostbade owns a company Kartshop Ampfing GmbH & Co. KG which has a great karting track, provides kart rental, runs a shop and so on. Moreover, Torsten is an official Praga dealer in Germany who leads a racing team. His track is perfect both for beginners and professionals. We came to Ampfing to ask Torsten
a few questions.

Torsten, could you please describe your track to us? What is specific about it? What are the best parts?

Well, for me, it is a very technical track – it is a difficult track for drivers due to its number of turns and hilly surroundings.

You also provide a kart rental and visitors can actually race on the track where big races take place… People can basically just come and race?

Yes, basically yes. This track is open for rental every day from 10 AM to 1 PM and then from 2:30 PM to 10 PM.

Now about Praga – what do you like the most about Praga go-karts?

For me, the quality is important – that is actually the best thing about Praga. Also the service and the whole team that develops and sells the karts is great.

How do you feel about sales of Praga karts in Germany?

I am very happy because we started to cooperate – I think – 12 months ago and they have sold very well. With Praga, it is better than it was before.

Torsten, thanks a lot for your time and all the best.

Thank you.

If you want to know more about the track or Torsten’s activities, check out If you are interested in becoming a Praga dealer, check out our dealers section.

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