Limited Edition Praga postcard pack for marshal memorial fundraiser

Limited Edition Praga postcard pack for marshal memorial fundraiser

Following on from the tragic events during Praga’s race programme at Brands Hatch last weekend, where volunteer motorsport marshal Robert Foote lost his life, Praga Cars UK has commissioned a limited run of exclusive postcards which will be available at Supercar Driver’s Secret Meet.

The postcard pack will include a selection of photos from Praga’s 2021 race programme, and the proceeds will go to support all those affected by the incident. The ‘Orange Army’ of marshals are often referred to as the unsung heroes of motorsport, without whom motor racing simply would not be possible, ready to spring in to action at a moment’s notice, and often dealing with dangerous or potentially life-threatening situations.

As Sir Lewis Hamilton posted on Sunday, he was “devastated to hear of the passing of a marshal at the Brands Hatch Circuit. These volunteer marshals are what makes racing possible, they are heroes.”

Just 50 of the limited edition packs will be available for a donation of £50. Individual postcards will also be available for a £2 charitable donation.

We hope you will join us in paying our respects to Robert Foote, and will make a contribution to help support all those affected during this difficult time.

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