Praga Karts places significant focus on the Mini class

Praga Karts places significant focus on the Mini class

Praga Karts’ plans for 2019 have been unveiled: the big news is a factory team wholly dedicated to the Mini class. Without overlooking the commitment towards KZ, a class in which the driver Francesco Celenta has already been confirmed

Having archived the excellent 2018 season, Praga Karts is already focusing on the future with plans for programmes and projects that will keep it busy in the coming year.
The main news concerns the Mini class, on which the IPK group’s brand has decided to place significant focus, resulting in the creation of its own dedicated organisation.
There will, for all intents and purposes, be a Praga works team, with a new trailer and a new tent, wholly dedicated to the 60 Mini class.
Young drivers will be nurtured, not just in sporting terms, there will be a top working group, led by Cash van Belle, a highly experienced team manager, and there will also be a new role called driver coach, assigned to Jorge Pescador.
The existing Praga Junior Team will also be part of the new project.
The competition programme includes taking part in all WSK events and the Italian CSAI Karting Championship.
With regard to drivers, one name that is already confirmed is that of Louis Iglesias (the nephew of Formula K driver Jeremy). Several other profiles are being firmed up and will be made official in the coming weeks.

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