Praga Karts: with the new IPKarting multi-adjustable pedals

Praga Karts: with the new IPKarting multi-adjustable pedals

IPK has always been well aware of the crucial impact that a correct driving position has on the driver’s performance in a race.

This firm belief is naturally reflected on the production side, with a wide selection of accessories machined from solid blocks of material which allows drivers of any height to find the perfect position, starting from the steering wheel hub, to the pedals, heel rest and pedal board.
Faithful to this principle, in 2020 IPKarting has further enriched its catalog presenting, at the same time as the new Praga models, innovative multi-adjustable pedals which are adaptable to all the chassis in this series of models.


The first objective that prompted IPK to equip Praga karts with new pedals was to provide mechanics with an accessory that would allow them to work quickly on the chassis, especially the MINI, using an increased number of possible adjustments. The solution is a product consisting of two pieces joined by a pin capable of rotating into 4 different positions. This added to the possibility of fastening the heel rest in two different positions, which brings the total of available adjustments up to eight choices.

Furthermore, the pedal is designed so that it can be used equally for the brake and the accelerator, thus simplifying stock management for dealers and reducing the amount of spare parts that racing teams need to bring to the track.

The adjustment possibilities are not limited only to the interaction with the driver. IPK has made available 5 fastening positions for the master cylinder control rod, this ensures that it always remains parallel to the ground, thus operating in the most effective way, and 2 positions for the accelerator cable fastening bushing.


The distance of the pedals from the ideal line of the driver’s seat is a fundamental part to take into account when looking for the best driving position. In this sense, the point of strength of the new IPK pedals is to be able to follow drivers throughout their growth thanks to the wide range of adjustments that are available.

An additional advantage is the perfect compatibility with the aluminum pedal board, which is machined from a solid piece of material, equipped with 10 adjustment holes for the pedal and 6 for the heel support. In any case the pedal alone is perfectly capable of covering all age groups and categories thanks to its ability to adapt to any height, this makes it possible to not have any other accessory like extensions.


The new IPK multi-adjustable pedals are made of 7075 aluminum alloy, an alloy which compared to aluminum, is lighter and at the same time stronger from a mechanical point of view as well as ensuring greater resistance to thermal expansion. The use of this material, combined with CNC processing (which has always been the cornerstone of the production of IPK accessories) and tailor-made bolts and screws, guarantees safety and the highest quality possible.
All manufacturing phases, starting from the design, are implemented in-house by IPK which also makes use of a 3D printer for the creation of prototypes with which to meticulously check all the specifications before the actual production of the parts.

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