Praga Keeps the Momentum Going in Wackersdorf

Praga Keeps the Momentum Going in Wackersdorf

Patrik Hajek Takes 2nd place in KZ2, and Praga had 3 drivers finish in top 10


Praga Kart Drivers Hajek and Lammers

Hajek (2nd) and Lammers (4th) at the podium.

27 May 2012, Wackersdorf, Germany — The Praga Factory team had 5 drivers compete in the 2nd race of the DKM Championship in Wackersdorf, Germany. Not normally on the schedule, the race was used as preparation for the upcoming Euro Championship in two weeks time, but yielded great results nonetheless.

Czech Driver Patrik Hajek displayed a great performance, taking 2nd place in both final heats on Sunday and finishing 2nd overall in the KZ2 category. Bas Lammers also did well, finishing 4th overall in KZ2.  Also in KZ2, Adam Janous rounded out the top 10, finishing 9th overall, making for 3 Praga drivers in the top 10 positions. A new face in the KZ category was Libor Toman, who previously competed in KF, and was successful in qualifying for the finals in his first time out in the shifter category.

Praga also debuted a new driver for its factory team, the French driver Clement Da Silva. For the whole weekend he was in the top 10, but a penalty in the final race dropped him to 13th. His speed confirms his place and he is a welcome addition to the factory team.

The Praga team will be back at Wackersdorf in two weeks for the highly regarding CIK-FIA European Championship.

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