Praga reaches the 6th place in sprint race at Slovakiaring and 3rd place in endurance

Praga reaches the 6th place in sprint race at Slovakiaring and 3rd place in endurance


Slovakiaring circuit can be called the home ground of Praga Cars Racing team for all the vehicles are produced in a factory only three kilometres away. The track is full of straight parts which leaves only a small space for fights with high-performance GT3 category vehicles. However, Praga managed to reach the podium and therefore earned respect of the great number of spectators that day.

Aleš Jirásek reached the 6th place with the time 1:05,8. As was expected, several vehicles got in front of him right after the start but he managed to advance to the front after some interesting struggles. “We are unfortunately unable to manage the starts without losing our initial position. But after that there were some interesting fights which I really enjoyed. As usual, others did not manage to hold their ground and we were able to move forward one lap after the other. But in the end, we could not reach a higher place than the sixth,” commented Jirásek on the Saturday’s race.

Praga reached the fifth place in the qualification. However, the expectations were even higher because R1 vehicle is capable of higher speed than cars of the competition. “Our strongpoint is in slow wearing-out of the tyres which means we can go full throttle almost all the time. In the end, it got us to the third place which is a fine position in a domestic race,” explained Tomáš Vojtěch who started the race.

Ultimately, Patrik Němec, well-known Slovakian racer, was the one to enter the Sunday’s sprint. On the Sunday’s morning, he met Praga’s vehicle for the first time and spent several hours of the day acquainting with the car. But – with this new experience – his performance in the race was quite decent and he finished on the seventh place in the qualification.

The Central-European Zone continues with the Autumn Race of Masaryk circuit in Brno (18.-20. September 2015) and Praga will surely be there!

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