Praga’s Vision for the Future

Praga’s Vision for the Future

3 October 2011, Dunajska Streda, Slovakia—

Praga has definitely had a very successful first year. On the motorsport scene, it has managed to accomplish more than it could have ever imagined it would at the start of the season. By the end, it still has one very important task and that is the certification of a new kart chassis. This runs parallel to the planned construction of a new racing team, in preparation for the new season.

A week ago, Praga invited sports journalists to the SlovakiaRing where it discussed its next steps and plans for the future. At this meeting, the new Praga R1 model car was introduced, which will soon serve as the entryway into the realm of major automobile races. Also present at the meeting was technical director of Intrepid Mirko Squerzoni.

Here is a short press release from the meeting with journalists at Slovakiaring:

Praga-Export, in connection with Race4SK and Intrepid Kart International, introduced their new model racing car Praga R1 to journalists at the 29th circuit Slovakia Ring in September 2011. Joining together with major race car manufacturer of Race 4 Slovakia, and adopting a new name PRAGA Cars, together with the previously announced acquisition of Intrepid Kart International, are all important steps in the PRAGA brand returning to its famous status among car manufacturers. After introducing the new racing car brand Praga (Praga R4) in June of this year at the super fast race specials in Spa, Belgium, next April they will enter another race track with a special car bearing a famous name – Praga R1. This class of Praga was created as a racing vehicle which is especially suitable for young people who were previously karting pilots. The base engine is equipped with a volume of 1 liter, compared to 3.2 liters of Praga R4.

The parameters of the R1, including the price, makes it suitable for a wider audience.

We are proud that we managed to reconnect the PRAGA brand with the manufacturing of cars,” says Petr Ptáček, owner of Praga – Export (50% owner of the PRAGA Cars), and adds: “This year’s successful race car PRAGA R4 was built upon the PRAGA brand’s excellent results in the touring car races from the First Republic, Truck Trial, trucks and motocross from the turn of the millennium, and rally and kart today. In the near future all fans of PRAGA, the brand with a deep tradition,  can look forward to the progressive steps leading to the new PRAGA Cars being seen not only at racetracks, but also on the streets in traffic.

PRAGA – Export, as a partner and owner of the brand, is aware of its responsibility to the tradition and will continue to build a reputation and a good name for PRAGA. With its current steps it returns to and actively signals the famous era when PRAGA was the largest automaker in Czechoslovakia.

In this context I’m very pleased that our base for manufacturing cars will once again be in Czech Republic – Slovakia,” says Ptáček.

Praga R1 – basic technical data
4 cylinder – 250
Curb weight: 570 kg
Pal vol. tank: 70 l
Length: 4040 mm
Height: 920 mm
Width: 1800 mm

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