Between the present day and the future, 7 Praga Kart projects

Between the present day and the future, 7 Praga Kart projects

Between the present day and the future, 7 Praga Kart projects


1. Rotax International Final


The ROTAX Grand Finals, an important international event in the single-brand karting scene, was staged at the Kartódromo Internacional do Algarve in Portimao (POR).
IPK once again confirmed its leading role in the Praga Karts brand event, supporting the Rotax 125 Micro MAX and Junior MAX engines with its chassis.
Three cargo containers loaded with Praga Karts chassis and accessories, along with a team of technicians, “moved” from Italy to Portugal during the race to provide the best support to drivers on the track.

2. New approvals

2. nuove_omologhe

All the development experience gained on the track during the 2017 season by the Praga Karts Racing Team, Formula K and OK1 is now available to our customers: with many new features, both technically and in terms of their look.
With the advent of the new approvals, the group’s three brands have increased their range of chassis, offering a greater choice to drivers.
An important event is the approval of a new front braking system for KZ karts, realised as usual in accordance with the IPK philosophy: accessories made from full bodies with a focus on the smallest details.

3. New look


For the 2018 season, Praga Karts Formula K and OK1 chassis have undergone a restyling of their graphics, and the change has also affected the clothing.
Renovated and captivating, the new clothing keeps the classic colours of the three brands and it has been designed for drivers, mechanics and all IPK brand fans.

4. The Praga museum is established

In the new millennium, the Praga brand has come back to the forefront of the international road and competition racing scenes. The right way to honour its 110-year long history in the production of cars manufactured without making compromises, which leave drivers breathless. This was what the idea of building a museum dedicated to the new racing and road cars produced by Praga Cars was based on.
The museum will include several examples, including a R1 “Mini”, of which only one was built. In addition, to emphasise the trademark vocation of the brand, the Formula Renault and Lotus Praga T128 LMP2 cars will also be in the museum.
The museum is under construction at IPKarting in Salizzole (VR) Italy.

5. Production in full flow

5.produzione (1)

IPK production, with the three Praga Karts brands, Formula K and OK1 is growing, and there have been numerous wins involving the three brands all over the world, with a consequent increase in the popularity of IPKarting chassis among industry enthusiasts.
Research and development has always been an important aspect for our company. This year we introduced the use of a 3D printer to reduce machine downtime for accessory prototypes.
This innovation has enabled an increase in production, in addition to the improvement of production processes, while maintaining the quality of our products.

6. The simulator

The IPK Driver Program is a project designed to accompany small drivers during their development in Motorsport.
Knowing the value of karting in the training of drivers, IPK has developed its own Driver Program by setting up a course which starts from the Junior Team to end with the F.4 single-seater, all thanks to its collaboration with the Cram Motorsport team.
The Driver Program project now adds a new key element to the training of its drivers: in fact, IPK has installed a complete simulator at its own company premises to allow the possibility of refining driving techniques even without actually driving.

7. Celebratory Kart

The history of the Praga brand goes far beyond its involvement in the karting world. The company was established in 1907 manufacturing road vehicles, and subsequently, trucks and aircraft were also produced in the Czech factories. A glorious history that this year sees them reaching 110 years in business.
To celebrate the anniversary, in addition to setting up a museum that traces this exciting journey, Praga Karts has created a customised kart with dedicated graphics and a special gold colour chassis.
A kart that includes all the technology developed during the kart industry production years, also recalls the history of one of the oldest brands in the automobile world.

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