Race Line LIGHT: kart rental according to Praga Karts

Race Line LIGHT: kart rental according to Praga Karts

Bringing driving sensations that are typical of kart racing to the rental world and, at the same time, simplifying life and reducing operating costs for the managers of facilities. Three objectives that IPKarting has achieved in one fell swoop, introducing a product on the market that, as you can easily guess from the word LIGHT, has its strength in lightness. Thanks to the Race Line LIGHT, Praga Karts defines a new standard for kart rental, also marketing an electric version that is perfect for use at indoor facilities. Let’s discover its characteristics.


A record weight of less than 120 kg for the petrol engine version of the Praga Race Line LIGHT is the result of the use of a chassis that is very similar in design to those used in competition, made entirely from 32 mm tubes. The frame, hand-welded by expert IPKarting operators, is appropriately reinforced at the most critical points, such as the attachment of the C stub axle casings and the point where the side longerons meet the front tube of the chassis. Weight containment is also the result of chosing the Tillotson 350 engine, weighing in on the scales at just 17 kg, a leading value for 4-stroke engines aimed at this type of product.


For the end user, the new featherweight Praga Race Line LIGHT translates into unparalleled driving sensations without being tiring. The racing spirit of this model is also highlighted by top-level components, consisting of accessories machined from solid, in line with the IPKarting philosophy. The one-piece aluminium rear brake caliper with radial mounting and two pistons stands out, the pads of which “bite” a ventilated, non-floating 195 mm diameter disc, featuring grooves on the faces to optimise the consumption of friction material. As for the set-up, the Race Line LIGHT provides the option of adjusting the front geometries, via the ring nuts mounted on the Cs, just like on racing chassis, and kart height, by placing spacers above and below the stub axles, as well as by using the screws on the rear bearing housings.

Lastly, once on board the Race Line LIGHT, drivers will find themselves clutching a steering wheel with a 300 mm diameter, the same fitted to competition karts.


A product aimed at the rental sector must be able to adapt to the varying needs of customers with ease. That’s why Praga Race Line LIGHT is equipped with a seat mounted on rails that can slide 8 cm back and forth by simply operating a lever. The pedals, that have been designed to prevent the foot from inadvertently moving from the correct position, are equipped with a component that can be rotated to allow them to be brought 5 cm closer or further away.


In addition to the outer fairing that surrounds the entire kart and the curved inserts between the latter and the chassis, which protect the driver from impacts, IPKarting has also come up with a dedicated shock absorption system, mounted on the front to ensure maximum safety even in the event of very violent impact. More specifically, it’s a 32 mm tubular structure connected to the frame using springs capable of significantly increasing the ability to absorb shocks. As an option, the kart can also be equipped with roll-bars combined with a quick-release safety belt system approved for cars, for total protection in the event of a collision or roll-over.


The small mass of the Praga Race Line LIGHT also helps managers of facilities, firstly by reducing fuel consumption, tyre wear and related operating costs. In this sense, the cut-off system fitted in the pedal area is also very useful, preventing drivers from accelerating and braking at the same time, while preserving the integrity of the engine and braking system.
In terms of ease of maintenance, the Race Line LIGHT is second to none, starting with the three-part cover that can be completely removed in a few simple steps thanks to only 9 quick-release clips. The side protection, equipped with special openings, allows tyres to be replaced quickly without having to disassemble any component of the kart.


The Praga Race Line LIGHT Electric is the ideal choice for indoor facilities or for anyone who wants to do without exhaust gases and noise. Weighing only 145 kg with the engine and battery pack does not diminish the driving experience in the slightest, also helping to guarantee two hours of autonomy before the need to recharge, an operation which, among other things, doesn’t require removing the batteries from the kart. On the subject of versatility, the Electric version allows track operators to adjust the power via mapping, so as to adapt the vehicle to the user’s level of experience and the characteristics of the circuit.

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