RBS.V2 and STR.V2 braking system discs: greater choice for drivers

RBS.V2 and STR.V2 braking system discs: greater choice for drivers

The ability to meet the needs of every driving style. That is one of the peculiar characteristics of the STR.V2 and RBS.V2 braking systems which, to fully succeed in their intent, are available with pads made of different friction materials, chosen according to the grip of the track or the driver’s preference. In addition, when the new approvals were being issued, in order to increase the number of choices, a larger brake disc was introduced in order to provide greater braking power.

At the front end, the STR.V2 system, designed for shifter karts, features a new four-piston caliper and a floating, self-ventilated disc with a diameter of 149 mm. Caliper and disc contain all the know-how developed by IPK out on the track with the Praga Karts, Formula K and OK1 works racing teams.

At the rear end, on the other hand, both the STR.V2 and the RBS.V2 systems offer a choice of two different discs: the standard one has a diameter of 187 mm and a thickness of 16 mm;the larger version has a diameter of 195 mm, while the thickness of 16mm remains unchanged.

The larger version of the disc is recommended for less experienced drivers, who resort to aggressive braking more readily. In particular, its use is most suited to the senior non-shifter classes, in which braking power is totally concentrated on the rear end.

The standard 187 mm disc, on the other hand, is a perfect choice for the shifter classes, in which braking is mainly concentrated on the front end.
The standard disc is also considered the best compromise in the throttle-off phase in the junior classes, in which smoothness on bends represents an advantage.

All IPK brake discs are self-ventilated: both sizes have a 10mm air gap and 3+3mm side structure. The attachment is floating, a solution that allows uniform wear of the pad, less overheating of the disc and consistent braking performance. In fact, even in the event of axle flex, a floating disc is always able to stay parallel to the pads.

Should you wish to change from one size to the other, replacing the disc is very simple and quick: the only thing that differs is the brake caliper support, which modifies the distance from the axle depending on which disc is used.

While the two types of disc only differ in terms of size, compared to the previously approved model, there are undoubtedly a greater number of differences. For example, on the new models, there are fewer cooling holes and they are closer to the centre of the disc.Milling on the outer surfacehas also been reduced and no longer juts out from the outer circumference of the disc. Both modifications were made to increase the already impressive robustness of the cast iron disc.
Compared to the past, the thickness has also been modified, increasing it by one millimeter in order to improve the ventilation and the robustness of the disc itself.

STR.V2 brake system (SHIFTER)

Front brake disc diameter 149mm
Rear brake disc diameter 187mm standard
Rear brake disc diameter 195mm on request

RBS.V2 brake system (NON-SHIFTER)

Rear brake disc diameter 187mm standard
Rear brake disc diameter 195mm on request

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