Speed and comebacks for the IPK chassis in the OK World Championship

Speed and comebacks for the IPK chassis in the OK World Championship

Few drivers present, but excellent performances of the Praga chassis at the FIA Karting OK and Alahärmä Junior World Championship. In the OK class, in particular, the IP Karting material helped the drivers achieve several notable comebacks, on a treacherous track due to adverse weather conditions.

At the Powerpark Circuit in Alahärmä, in Finland, the races that closed the FIA Karting season for the single speed classes were held: the FIA Karting World Championship and the FIA Karting World Championship – Junior.
The IPK Group chassis were used by few but aggressive representatives.
In the OK category the Swiss Leandro Anderruti (, took to the track with the approved Praga chassis RS, and the Finnish driver Juha Mäki-Jouppi (Master – Seinäjoki Oy) with the Praga chassis.
The uncertain weather conditions did not make life easier for the technicians and the first results of the weekend, in the qualifiers, were good but not exceptional, with Juha closing in 34th place and Leandro in 48th place. However, the Praga chassis quickly proved to adapt perfectly to the different weather and grip conditions on the track, accompanying the drivers towards substantial performances during the subsequent heats.
Anderruti leaded some Heats, getting better and better, overtaking numerous times and even achieving second place, the result of a comeback of 14 positions completed on a wet track. It is a shame that the last few heats were more complicated: not enough to prevent access to the final, but that certainly cost a few positions on the starting grid.

Mäki-Jouppi’s heats also confirmed the competitiveness of the IP Karting material, which helped the Finnish driver in some of the comebacks that allowed him to enter the top ten four times in 5 rounds. Also for him, one test that was less brilliant than the others resulted in the 29th box of the final’s starting grid.
Here, in the decisive race, Juha once again became an absolute protagonist, gaining 17 positions and finishing in an excellent 12th place.
Anderruti, on the other hand, was entangled in the great tussle of the group and only managed to finish 5 laps before withdrawing.

IPK also raced in the OK-Junior with the Formula K chassis driven by David Finnäs (Master – Seinäjoki Oy). For the young Finn, the World Cup on his home track was an excellent opportunity to get more experience in a highly competitive context, which will surely be useful for his professional growth.

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