The Digital Wind Tunnel

The Digital Wind Tunnel

The latest evolution of our Praga R1 boasts significantly improved aerodynamics. The car is equipped with a high performance aero package including a new rear wing, underfloor geometry and front downforce devices. The shape of the virtual prototype was carefully refined in ICON Digital Wind Tunnel for higher downforce, lower drag, better stability and agility.

Digital Wind Tunnel allowed us to try, evaluate and optimize car shape long before we could test a real physical prototype at the race track. Advanced numerical methods for aerodynamic simulation and optimization have been involved and materialized in more grip, faster cornering and higher maximum speed.

It is usually hard to see aerodynamics at work unless you sit in the monocoque and drive the car fast enough to feel 3G of lateral force in corners. Let us share with you the following video from ICON Digital Wind Tunnel which allowed us to see aerodynamics working during the new Praga R1 development. Enjoy.

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