Tough Race for Visser at Sarno

Tough Race for Visser at Sarno

16 March 2011, Sarno, Italy — Sarno is not the circuit where Beitske achieves her best results. And unfortunately the first meeting of the WSK Euro Series 2011 confirmed this trend. Although this young girl of 16 likes the Sarno track, a series of incidents and impacts dashed her hopes for good results in KZ1. Her Intrepid/TM showed a good progression during practice in the first part of the meeting, in the dry, but when she suffered an impact at the start of Final 1, there was not much left she could hope for.

The final result achieved in KZ1 by Beitske Visser on the first round of WSK Euro Series 2011 is quite far from the goals she set for herself when she came to the Naples region. On the Sarno karting circuit, after a collision during Saturday’s final and a hard rainy Sunday, the Dutch girl was already looking forward to the next race to soon find her way to the lead of the pack.

For Beitske Visser, her third meeting of the season started with a 15th time in timed qualifying, which she soon improved in the qualifying session, as she herself explained “In the first heat, I climbed up to 6th by setting times which were pretty close to those of the leaders. The second heat was less good, I could not do better than 8th. With Intrepid/Praga team and Tec-Sav, my engine tune up specialist, we analysed what had happened at the start of the weekend and we changed several parameters for the final. I was determined to catch up, but I was bumped into at the start and I had to retire, without even completing a lap!”

With the new WSK format, a new series of heats and a second final are held on Sunday. But also this time, she was the victim of drivers who too often show unsporting behaviour. Is it maybe because Beitske is the only girl in this 125cc gearbox category? The Dutch girl could not do better than 15th the whole day. “In addition to that, it began to rain in the morning and we were forced to start from scratches with adjustments. It was a pity, because Intrepid team performances as well as mine had kept improving on the dry and I hoped I could be back in the top 10”. But Beitske Visser has a busy racing calendar and she is already looking forward to an opportunity to forget her disappointment. Maybe the right chance could already come next 20th of March, at the Andrea Margutti Trophy in Castelletto di Branduzzo.

Information and photo courtesy of Kartcom

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