Praga focused on online motorsport

Praga focused on online motorsport

With an increasing level of motor racing and automotive media attention focused on sim racing, Praga has joined forces with the influential sim racing club 27Racers to offer a summer of online motorsports.
This new initiative will operate alongside Praga’s existing motor racing activities and will in time encompass a variety of sim racing activities, from casual racing on consoles to more competitive league-based racing on PCs. The aim of the project is to be inclusive, friendly and work with 27Racers and the wider sim racing community to build a following in the online racing arena.

“Praga has a long history and a story to tell, but we’re aware that the brand is relatively unknown. We admire the way 27Racers combines editorial with racing challenges, and see an opportunity to share a little more about our company and encourage people to come racing with us,” explains Mark Harrison, Head Of Commercial Operations at Praga.

“We’re sim racing with a difference,” explains Nick Trott, former Editor of evo and Motor Sport magazine and Co-Founder of TwentySeven Works – the agency behind 27Racers. “We’re a club that is resolutely committed to being open, inclusive and making it easy for people to race online.
“In many ways it’s a mission: to get people sim racing for social interaction, to fill the gap left by the hole in the physical racing calendar and as we say on our home page: ‘where like minds can race the best cars and circuits without fear of torpedo or rage quit.’”

Praga’s summer of sim racing will begin on Friday 5th of June with an announcement of the first race challenge. To be the first to receive information on the event and to enter, sign up at and opt-in to ‘Praga’. The activity will kick off with some fun challenges, then migrate into competitions with prizes. Also follow @27racers on Twitter for up-to-date reports, and the new account @PragaSimRacing also on Twitter.

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