Rental Karts

Full range of services to the kart operators. Aimed at go-kart rental centres and amusement parks.

Changing the rental kart business

Praga offers a complete package of services. With a full range of services, Praga is offering a complete solution for kart centres and amusement parks.

Real karting fun comes with professional racing karts.

All-in-one services for rental kart centres

  • Delivery of karts
  • Designing and building tracks
  • Equipping tracks with barriers, timing systems, safety technology, and asphalt
  • Ongoing support and maintenance
  • Long term relationship - continued support

From racing to rentals

In the past, Praga focused on the racing side of karting. At 2,000 units per year, we are one of the largest producers of racing kart and we’ve gained a lot of experience throughout our successful racing history.

We decided to offer some of it to kart centres and their customers. Our leisure and rental karts carry our racing DNA, but are also designed to withstand the rough life of kart centres: driven hard, crashed often and serviced only when necessary.

The Race Line is aimed at more experienced drivers: they are essentially racing karts modified for rental purposes.

Complete package

We want to do more than just build a great kart. Our goal is to provide a full range of services and support to the kart operators. Praga is able to supply everything, from buying and financing the kart fleet to its maintenance and even track equipment – barriers, timing, right down to asphalt.

With our complete services, opening a kart centre and offering top-notch services to your customers is something anyone can do!

Are you interested?

With our new range of innovative solutions, opening a kart centre is now something anyone can do. Just talk to Praga and IPK and let the experts do it all for you!

117 years of engineering excellence

Since 1907 we have designed, developed and produced racing cars, road cars,
airplanes, trucks, buses, motorcycles and go-karts for the world.

Our Global Network

Contact any of our dealers worldwide and order your Praga kart in your preferred configuration today. Are you interested in our company? Write us a message – our specialists will get back to you.

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