Cornered: Jay Howard of Praga USA and Team MDD

Cornered: Jay Howard of Praga USA and Team MDD

Jay Howard discusses his new venture and plans for the future

Give us the lowdown on Praga USA. Who’s involved and what made you decide to become a distributer of the Praga Kart brand?

When I originally started Team MDD, I decided to take a brand that was well known and use that as a baseline.  We used this brand as a baseline and tested many different brands against our baseline product, which we knew won races on a regular basis.  Our goal was to find something better, and when we did, we would make the move and support the ‘new’ product.  The Praga test went exceptionally well, I was super impressed and the decision was a no brainer.  I have worked with Marco [DiLeo] before, we had a good relationship, so working with him was also an easy decision.  Last of all, the main focus of Team MDD is to develop our drivers and prepare them to make the transition to cars.  Praga has a very similar platform, so the fit was perfect for me to start Praga USA.  Team MDD will be the official Praga team for the USA.

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