Driver position set-up

Driver position set-up



When purchasing a new chassis, the first thing to adjust is the driving position, which may vary depending on the driver’s height and preferences.
Knowing how important it is for karts to adapt effectively to drivers in order to help them exploit their driving style to the full, IPKarting has worked hard to improve the comfort those driving their vehicles. In this light, since the position of the seat, which plays a crucial role in weight distribution, cannot be modified for convenience, IPK engineers have come up with two essential accessories: an adjustable steering wheel hub and an adjustable pedalboard.


In order to find the correct position of the steering wheel quickly and safely, IPK has devised a special “adjustable hub”. Its aim is to improve the driving set-up according to the driver’s preferences.
Mounted between the steering wheel and the steering column, the adjustable steering wheel hub allows the driver to alter the height and tilt of the steering wheel quickly, proving itself to be a priceless ally in finding the best position for the arms. In addition, the accessory guarantees maximum safety, eliminating the need for empirical and dangerous solutions that lead to drivers insert unsafely fitted, hand-made spacers in order to achieve the angle of tilt desired.
As mentioned, the adjustable steering wheel hub devised by IPK allows alterations to both the height and tilt. With regard to the former, the device ensures two movement positions at a distance of 15 mm one from the other. However, its main strength is in terms of inclination, providing the option of tilting the steering wheel to three different positions, each at a 10 degrees angle from the previous one.


Adjusting the device to 25 degrees positions the steering wheel at its most vertical position. This is usually the option taken by the youngest drivers in the Mini class.
The “15 degree” position is the intermediate setting, usually used by Junior class drivers.
The standard position, on the other hand, is at an angle of 5 degrees, so that the steering wheel is in a “less vertical” position.


The adjustable pedalboard is an important accessory for kart drivers because it allows karts to be perfectly adjusted to drivers as they grow. Indeed, the accessory can be fitted to all IPK branded chassis, ranging from the Mini to the KZ class.
The pedalboard has a foot movement range of 18 cm and the main slide slider, which is attached to the chassis, is made of aluminium and is completely machined from solid.
Several CNC machining operations are performed on this component: there are ten holes along its length, to allow for a number of adjustment options. In addition, there is a channel at the bottom of the part for the footrest, which is attached to the pedal.
Lastly, the pedalboard also has a heel rest made of aluminium that can also be adjusted to various positions according on the driver’s preferences.


On a kart, the position of the seat is a crucial factor for the balance of the vehicle because the driver is an essential part of the overall moving mass. Of course, the only aspect regarding the position of the seat is the quest for the optimum set-up.
Therefore, “comfort” is not the main factor in deciding where to position the seat, but rather the understanding that the position of the centre of gravity and, consequently, the general set-up of the vehicle, varies considerably depending on whether the driver is higher or lower from the ground or seated further forwards or backwards.
With all these variables in mind, IPKarting provides the correct mounting measurements of the seat on the chassis with the help of a diagram: following the simple instructions ensures that the seat is installed in the correct position.

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