IPK on the podium of the WSK Final Cup

IPK on the podium of the WSK Final Cup

The 2019 international racing season closes in a very positive way. At the Adria Karting Raceway Leonardo Bizzotto takes his Formula K to the second step of WSK Finals Cup podium in the KZ2 category. Great performances by IPKarting equipment in the 60 Mini class were recognized by all.

The last effort of the international karting season brings to the Adria Karting Raceway, for the KZ2 class, a group of drivers which, while not many in numbers but were very combative. The fiercest of all, at the start of the weekend, is Leonardo Bizzotto (NGM Motorsport) who, with his Formula K chassis scores the fastest time in qualifying. An unequivocal confirmation of the excellent performance of the equipment that is available. Quite different, on the other hand, are the weather conditions which alternate with rain and momentary times when it cleared up, thus complicating the weekend with the teams and drivers.
Bizzotto defends himself very well in all the subsequent heats, he races consistently without taking any risks and achieves the fifth spot on the pre-final starting grid, holding that position even after the race.
In the decisive test Bizzotto pushes with great determination, claims the fastest lap of the race, overtakes 3 opponents and closes on the second step of the podium. Undoubtedly a positive Finals Cup for Bizzotto.

Very significant, as always, is the presence of drivers equipped with IPKarting equipment at the start of the Finals Cup: eleven, almost equally distributed between Praga Kart and Formula K chassis. Amongst them, the fastest in qualifying proves to be Louis Iglesias (Praga Racing Team), author of the third finals time. Excellent time results also for Gerasim Skulanov (Formula K Junior Team), 12th, just ahead of Boris Pergamenshchikov (Formula K Junior Team), 15th.
The heats confirm the outstanding speed of the IPKarting chassis: Skulanov wins a heat and climbs 3 more times on the podium, while Iglesias closes 4 out of 5 times in the top ten. Excellent performance from Matteo Bagnardi (Praga Racing Team) who, despite starting off in the middle of the pack and in the heart of all the battles going on, recovers several positions, with the exception of one single unlucky race that slightly jeopardizes his position at the start of the pre-finals.
In addition to Bagnardi, Iglesias and Skulanov, Matias Orjuela (Praga Racing Team) and Alessandro Minetto (NGM Motorsport) qualify for the two pre-finals while Alexandr Smirnov would have the points to reach them but is excluded because, on par with the other drivers, his performanceis less then stellar in the qualifications.
Prefinal B is the one that sees almost all IPK drivers involved in. Once again, the best position is achieved by Skulanov, fourth at the finish line just ahead of Iglesias, who does a great job in climbing back up five positions. However, the one making an even better comeback is Bagnardi. The Italian driver overtakes 7 opponents and takes the last place that allows him to enter the 60 Mini finals. A final where Skulanov reaffirms his physical condition with a fantastic 5th place finish, the result of another 2 positions gained. Iglesias closed 12th, while bad luck prevents Bagnardi from confronting his opponents until the end as he is forced to retire after 4 laps.

In the OK-Junior class Ariel Elkin (Formula K Junior Team) holds the IPKarting chassis flag high. The beginning of the weekend was not the easiest, yet things improve in the following heats and Ariel is able to qualify without any problems in reaching the prefinals. Unfortunately, problems and bad luck with Elkin, even fighting obstinately closed in the 18th spot and is the first excluded at less than 3 tenths from the last place that allows him to enter the finals. The positive signs, however, have not been lacking and Elkin, like all IPK drivers, can look to 2020 with confidence.

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