Massive presence of IPKarting chassis at Lonato for the WSK Super Master Series

Massive presence of IPKarting chassis at Lonato for the WSK Super Master Series

Well twenty Praga, Formula K and RS Kart chassis are present at the South Garda Karting in the 60 Mini, OKJ and KZ classes for the second round of the WSK Super Master Series.

The second round of the WSK Super Master Series draws an enormous amount of racers to Lonato. Amongst them, at the debut of the WSK 2019, 20 IPKarting chassis are brought to the track and are present, especially in the 60 Mini (14 drivers), but also amongst the most experienced in the KZ2.

In the shifter category, Francesco Celenta (Praga Racing Team) starts strong, with a fifth place in qualifying and the third position in the three different races competed, which ensure him the 4th place in the rankings. A little further back, are Giacomo Pollini (NGM Motorsport, 11th after the 6th place in the qualification round) and Jeremy Iglesias (Formula K, 12th, with a 4th place in a round). The pre-finals see all the IPK drivers close in the top ten, with Celenta once again commended with a great 4th place finish. A little below par for the finals, especially for Pollini who unfortunately exits the race only after 2 rounds.

In the category dedicated to the youngest, the 60 Mini, the 14 racers at the wheel of the IPKarting chassis alternate good performances to physiological difficulties of those who live through these first races to accumulate as much experience as possible. It is no coincidence that the best performances come with the passing of time and sessions on the track: in the pre-finals Anatoly Khavalkin (Formula K Junior Team) makes a great come back moving up 12 positions and obstinately earns a well-deserved final. Here, he grants an encore, reclaiming back another 9 positions and ends in 22nd. Better performance in the finals by Adrian Malheiro (Praga Racing Team), who regains 11 positions and ends in 21st place.

No shortage of IPKarting chassis in the OKJ class either. The spotlight is especially on the branded Formula K of Ariel Elkin (Formula K Junior Team), who grabs two sixth positions in the races, performing two comebacks of a dozen positions each and earns, with a dedicated determination, the qualification for the category finals.

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