Podium for Praga Kart at the WSK Master Series

Podium for Praga Kart at the WSK Master Series

Second Round Brings a 3rd Place Finish for Praga Driver Lammers

18 March 2012, Sarno, Italy —It was a great weekend for Praga karting at the second round of the WSK Master Series on the Circuito Internazionale Napoli, in Sarno (Italy). Praga Kart was present with 2 drivers in KZ1, and 2 drivers in KF2 (under Praga Sumako), and Dutchman Bas Lammers brought home a podium finish (3rd).

In KZ1, Bas Lammers conquered the 3rd step of the podium in Final 2, the crowning victory for the weekend. On Saturday, in the heats preceding Final 1, he closed 3rd, and in the decisive race, he finished 4th. But it’s alright: in fact, thanks to his performance at the wheel, he’s just steps away from the podium. On Sunday, he’s 6th overall in the heats and in Final 2 he finally goes all out with a great recovery and, one fast lap after another, he closes 3rd. In the overall standings he’s 5th, fighting for a top position with the best of the best.

Also racing in KZ1, Hájek does well, despite some difficulties. He starts out really strong (qualifying 2nd) and on Saturday, after an unlucky first heat, where he’s up top until the last lap and closes 22nd,  he does a great recovery in the second heat and, with third best lap, climbs all the way to 10th place, confirming the result also in Final 1. On Sunday, in the qualifying he’s again the 2nd fastest on track, but he suffers in the heats  (21st, 14th). In Final 2, Hajek is in any case bent on taking back what he deserves and closes  10th. In the overall standings he’s 11th, not far from the top 10.

Praga kart driver Karol Dabski

Praga Driver Karol Dabski

Praga Kart also had 2 new drivers in the KF2 category, Karol Dabski and Libor Toman. Racing under Praga Sumako, which is Praga’s Junior team for young drivers and drivers new to international racing, both made impressive showings for their first race in the WSK series. In the heats, Dabski had a best finish of 10th, while Toman’s best was 11th. Dabski ended up finishing 11th in Final 2, and both drivers did very well in their first WSK Race.

The Praga Kart team has proven again how competitive it is, and is gearing up for the last round of the WSK Master Series in Castelletto di Branduzzo (Pavia, Italy).

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