Pole position and the podium in round 2 of the WSK Open Cup

Pole position and the podium in round 2 of the WSK Open Cup

The second round of the WSK Open Cup at the 7 Laghi International Circuit in Castelletto di Branduzzo (Pavia) stands out with excellent results for the Praga and Formula K drivers, with the pole position of Iglesias and Skulanov’s third finals of the 60 Mini races.

There are 5 drivers equipped with IPKarting equipment present at the second and decisive round of the WSK Open Cup raced at Castelletto di Branduzzo from the 7th to the 10th of November 2019. The strongest starting driver of all is Louis Iglesias (Praga Racing Team) who provides the best time in the qualifications. The uncertain weather does not simplify the work of technicians and drivers, but the IPK equipment proves to be competitive and high-performance in every situation. Iglesias continues his weekend with two podiums finishes in the heats that alternated with two less then brilliant results which lead him to fall back slightly in the starting grid of the pre-finals. Gerasim Skulanov (Formula K Junior Team), instead, moves up in the qualifications, capturing a fifth spot in one heat and going wild in the pre-finals, gaining 8 positions and closing in 5th. Skulanov does not slow down in the finals either, where he gains other 6 positions and wins a really well deserved third place. For him there is also the 8th place in the final standings of the Open Cup. Not as lucky Iglesias, who has to move around in the center of the group and closes in at 16th.
In the 60 Mini class we find Matias Orjuela, Matic Presa (both Praga Racing Team) and Russian Boris Pergamenshchikov (Formula K Junior Team), at his very first international races. Some rather complicated heats compromise the overall results, yet between the pre-finals and final B that was raced by all three drivers, there is no lack of improvements especially for Pergamenshchikov who isable to climb 8 positions in the pre-finals.

In the OK Junior class the IPKarting chassis are represented by Ariel Elkin (Formula K Junior Team), who shows all the reliability of the equipment disputing excellent heats where he also collects a third place. The pre-final continues with the same ending with a positive 8th place. Too bad for the final which turns out to be more unfortunate and forces Elkin to finish his hard work before the finish line.


The last event with the WSK races for 2019 is now that of the Final Cup, scheduled to be at the Adria Karting Raceway from the 14th to the 17th of November.

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