Praga at 3rd Round of WSK Euro Series

Praga at 3rd Round of WSK Euro Series


24 June 2012, Muro Leccese, Italy — The Praga Racing team had a memorable yet unfortunate weekend at the 3rd round of the WSK Euro Series this weekend at the La Conca circuit. Bas Lammers, who demonstrated an astounding performance all weekend, finished 1st in Final 2 of KZ1, but the victory was short-lived, as he and several other drivers were excluded from the race due to passing on a yellow flag. Even without the victory, it is clear that the Praga team and its chassis is well on its way to conquering the top positions.

In KZ1, Bas Lammers raced all weekend like a champion (albeit an unlucky one). He was 6th in the qualifyings, on Saturday he won both heats and conquered pole position for Final 1. He quickly got up front, then a contact sent him to the mat, forcing him to leave. On Sunday, he pushed his way up from the back (8th with best lap time and 4th in the heats) and in Final 2 he started from 6th and charged on to cut the finish-line first.  Yet, victory faded from view at the end of the race, when he was told he passed with yellow flags waving.  With the corner on the left and flags on the right, he didn’t notice the alert and a victory that would have set him just 3 points from the championship leader goes up in smoke: he is now 5th. Patrik Hajek also had a good run: 4th in the qualifyings, he suffered in the heats, but recovered in the races that count: 12th (from 22nd) in Final 1 and 8th (from 21st) in Final 2.

Praga kart driver Karol Dabski

In KZ2, Martin Doubek made steadiness his strength: 12th  in the qualifyings, he was 10th after the heats both days. He closed the finals 11th and 9th, securing his hopes for the title (7th overall). Praga Kart also had two drivers compete in KF2: Karol Dabski and new teammate Jack Barlow. The English driver qualified for the finals despite fierce competition, but then didn’t leave a mark. Instead, his Polish teammate was 6th in Superpole and 7th after the heats (which included a 2nd place), then in the finals was penalized by a few contacts and closed a step from the top 10  (13th). The Praga Racing team will next be seen at the final round of the WSK Euro Series on August 5th in Zuera, Spain.

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