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New Praga Logo, Rental Kart business revolution, R1 features, Praga at Dakar 2020 and much more..

Praga Chassis 2018, The New STR.V2 Brake System, Petr Ptáček Jr. claims first F4 Victory, Praga R1 Aerodynamics and much more!

110 years of Praga History, R1R ultimate test drive, R1 in computer games.

IPK’s new rental karts line, R1R at Goodwood, OMP Factory Tour, President of Slovakia and Pitbull in Praga R1.

IPK has a new take on camber and caster system. Praga R1 – Arrive & Drive program. Praga Cars on customer care begins.

Praga R1R to be produced in a limited edition of 68 cars.

It has been more than 68 years but now Praga is back on the roads with a #supersportcar.

New chassis for 2015. Praga Karts is introducing new model called Invictus.

This issue features the launch of the R1 Endurance Cup 2015.

This issue features the new carbon version of Praga R1 Turbo.

This issue brings several new sections including an overview of Praga’s history from the beginning.

This issue brings many interesting information from the track as well as our regular section Tips and Advice. You will read about driving the supercar Praga R1 in Slovakia, Rising young stars and many other.

Now officially in production and competing in Europe, the R1 has taken the track by storm. There’s also a preview to the 2013 ROTAX Grand Finals, and an introduction to Praga’s newest sponsored driver, Matthew Di Leo. Also featured is a look at the new Praga teamwear clothing line, a review of the 24H Le Mans race, and as always, tips and advice.

Issue feature is all about Praga’s newest collaboration with Lotus, on their LMP2 car, which is participating in the World Endurance Championship, including the 24H of Le Mans. On the karting side, we discover all the ways Praga is marking its mark in ROTAX. And as always, we have race reports, tips, behind the scenes action, and much more!

It’s all about Praga’s newest addition: the spectacular R1. We’ve also got race reports from the Supernationals and the Florida Winter Tour, a behind-the-scenes look at Lucky Design, plus tips and advice, a sneak peek at our new clothing line, and much more.

In this 4th and last issue of the year, Praga Journal interviews World Champion Bas Lammers about his first season with Praga. We also take a look inside the Praga tent, introduce our new Praga USA team, as well as race reports, news, and tips to enjoy.

The 3rd issue of Praga’s magazine celebrates the 105th anniversary of the Praga brand. We discover the history of Praga in an interview with the owner of the Praga automuseum and see the celebration of Praga at their anniversary event. We also have an exclusive behind the scenes look at the new campaign with topmodel Tana Kucharova, and as always the latest race reports, tips, and news from the world of Praga.

Find out the latest news about Praga karting and racing, race results, dealer information, and much more. Inside this issue: Tips and advice from Praga Kart Racing team manager Petr Ulbert Interview with Praga driver Lucie Panackova Praga’s New Generation Driver Program Featured article about Praga Germany team Behind the scenes with Praga drivers WSK Euro Series Photo Report

The premier issue of Praga’s brand magazine, Praga Journal. Inside you will find information and news about the Praga world of karting and racing, interviews with racing personalities, recaps and results from races, and much more.