Praga Kart and Rotax. Together once again in Brazil

Praga Kart and Rotax. Together once again in Brazil



For the seventh consecutive year,Praga Kart chassis are official partners of the Rotax Internation Finals, which are held in Brazilfor 2018. An unrepeatable show featuring the Monster Evo model for the Micro MAX class and the Dragon Evo for the Junior MAX.

The Ocean on the coasts of Portugal; the music of New Orleans, in the USA; the sun of Valencia, in Spain; the heat of Naples, in Italy. Now: the magic of Brazil, a land of great motorist traditions and unforgettable champions. This is the small world tour that Praga Karts chassis have achieved since 2012, accompanying the spectacular Rotax International Finals.
In fact, the IPK group brand is a proud partner of the most participated international karting event ever in the last seven consecutive seasons. A long story, which tells of technical and organisational efforts that are without doubt challenging, but even more satisfying in terms of emotion and the human and sporting reactionsit always generates.

The race that will be held at the Circuito Internacional Paladino will be the 19th edition of the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals and, as always, will record exceptional participation numbers.
Praga is proud to be there once again and proud to contribute to the success of the event by supporting it with its own chassis, and the professionals who ensure assistance to all drivers, in two classes: the Rotax 125 Micro MAX, dedicated to the youngest drivers, from 8 to 11 years’ old; and the Rotax 125 Junior MAX, for drivers aged 12 to 15.

For the little ones, the chassis, which are the same for everyone, are the Praga Cadete Monster Evo models, with CSAI 08/CH/20 approval. A chassis made of 6 tubes with a diameter of 28 mm; with a 30 mm diameter axle and a body design that is characterised by the area at the height of the tank, where the pipes form a straight line, like the chassis of the higher classes.

The accessories are also all similar to the models of the higher categories, starting from the CCS system for the adjustment of the camber and caster.
The braking system is the MKB v1 model, composed of a brake caliper machined from a solid block with two 26 mm diameter pistons.
Particular attention has been paid to the system for adjusting the driving position, with an adjustable steering wheel hub and pedals.

However, the Praga Dragon EVO chassis with CIK 87/CH/20 approval is the one for the Junior class. This is a very reliable kart developed, like all IPK products, thanks to the continuous recommendations of the official Racing Team, that uses it in all the main events on the international calendar.
The shell is made of 30 mm diameter tubes and all the accessories are exceptional IPK quality, starting from the magnesium hubs, to the CCS system for adjusting the geometry of the front axle, as well as the steering wheel hub that can be adjusted to different angles and the adjustable pedals.
The braking system is the reliable RBS V2.

The long term Rotax and Praga Kart partnership is therefore ready to write a new chapter in the magnificent scenery of Brazil, with the enthusiasm and quality that accompany the performance of the Praga chassis all over the world.

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