Praga R1 – Endurance champion of FIA-CEZ Most

Praga R1 – Endurance champion of FIA-CEZ Most

One-hour lasting race was won by duo Jirásek/Vojtěch with Praga R1 vehicle with almost one minute ahead of their rivals. The drivers did not have to face any difficulties even in the difficult conditions of an unbearable heat which lasted throughout the whole weekend.

After the races in Hungary, Austria and Poland, the Central European Zone Championship took place in the Czech city of Most. The tropical weather was a true touchstone for all the drivers but especially for the technicians and the vehicles themselves. Praga Cars Racing was represented by Aleš Jirásek in the sprint race and he was joined by Tomáš Vojtěch in the endurance race. Praga finished the qualification closely under 1:37 which secured a nice third place in the general classification both for sprint and endurance race.

Aleš got stuck with a Porsche of Mira Konopka in the first race, for the Porsche could not handle he curves as well as Praga’s vehicle but was faster in all the straights. Therefore, he did not manage to get to the podium position and finished fourth in the general classification and first in the D5 category.

However, the endurance race was more fruitful for Praga’s drivers. Praga finished first in the general classification of MMČR and Central European Zone. “We lost our position right after the start but then managed to move forward just like in the case of sprint. And with our brilliantly efficient pit stop, we got to the first place,” commented Jirásek on his performance. After the mandatory pit stop, Jirásek was replaced by Tomáš Vojtěch who even managed to increase the lead over his competitors. “We were lucky – our greatest rivals faced some technical issues which helped us a lot. But still, we did not face any difficulties of this kind in spite of the enormous heat,” described content Vojtěch.

“Just like in Poznan, where we managed to win an endurance race several weeks ago, we confirmed in Most that R1 is capable of high velocity in all conditions without any flaws. So it is quite strange that the car is still unjustly underrated, overlooked and mocked by some Czech and Slovak teams. Currently, we are preparing announcement of all the costs for the weekend in Most. I am convinced that some will be surprised when then see the low-costs that are sufficient to run a top-quality vehicle,” told us Jiří Lojan, sales representative of Praga Cars.

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