Praga-Lotus Racing Team Testing Days

Praga-Lotus Racing Team Testing Days

Praga is always trying to offer its drivers the chance to learn, improve and to make the next step in their motorsport career. Praga drivers were at Circuit Paul Richard, testing formulas, Praga R1 and other amazing toys! The drivers that had the chance to attend these testing days were: Jonathan Thonon, Patrik Hájek, Julien Groupi, Michal Zatloukal and Jan Charouz. The manager of Praga Motorsport Division Roman Seidl says:

“Drivers that are interested to join our team in future now have a chance to see how it works when they decide to become one of us. We are prepared to continue on this path, where we try to always offer them the next step in their Motorsport career”.

We wanted to see how our drivers enjoyed these testing days. Patrik Hájek states:

“It’s a fantastic experience and I am glad that I had the opportunity to drive Praga R1, which is a total different type of racing than karting. It is a great opportunity for karting drivers that want to try other motorsport disciplines”.

You can check out the photos from Praga Racing Team Testing Days bellow.

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