The new STR.V2 brake system

The new STR.V2 brake system



IPKarting is constantly researching for the best solutions and the very best materials for the development of its chassis and accessories. When the time came for the approval of the official authorities (homologation) that validates it for the 2-year period from 2018 to 2020, IPKarting presented its new STR.V2 brake system, designed for the categories with gear shift and are designed in the front by a caliper concept with four compact pistons.
This offers a more aggressive braking system while being, at the same time, modular: these are the guidelines which have accompanied the entire design of the new STR.V2 system. Following a path of research and development which was also able to count on the continuous exchange of information between the Racing Teams of Praga Karts Formula K and OK1 and the technical office in charge of putting on paper, and into use the drivers’ suggestions.


The caliper is completely made from a solid aluminum mono-block ingot by C.N.C machining. Afterwards, it undergoes a process of anodization to which it obtains its final color. The pistons, with a diameter of 19 mm, are designed to improve the ventilation of the caliper therefore its cooling. Further confirmation of how detailed and in-depth the development executed by IPK has led them into considering every and each detail no matter how small it might be.
The new caliper allows the installation of pads with larger dimensions. This, together with the presence of four compact pistons, allows the driver to increase the amount of pressure put on the surface of the pads and on the disc itself. On the practical side, this technical choice has transformed into an advantage both from the point of view of the braking power and of being modular: the four pistons exert a more evenly distributed pressure on the pads, decreasing the problem of the disc locking while increasing the awareness of the driver while braking aggressively.
Furthermore, the front caliper, always with a radial attachment, increases the grip while approaching a curve. Not a secondary advantage, thanks to a more evenly dispersed braking due to the increased surface size on which the braking force is applied.
From an aesthetic point of view, the new front caliper of the STR.V2 system denotes a very particular look: many of the externally visible processes, beyond improving the appearance, have the function of reducing the weight while facilitating better cooling.


The rear caliper which equips the STRV.V2 brake system is obtained from a solid piece of material like the front system uses. It consists of an aluminum mono-block worked with a computer numerical control machines which guarantee uniformity and very exact precision. The braking force of the pads onto the disc is exerted by two compact 28 mm diameter pistons.
Compared to the previous version, the flection points are diminished, so as to increase the total durability and diminish the deformation which manifest itself on the keyway created by the brake disk. The caliper can accommodate two different diameter disks: 187 mm as a standard supply and 195 mm upon request.

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