The R1 turbo roared Friday evening at Nurburgring and on Saturday at Sachsenring

The R1 turbo roared Friday evening at Nurburgring and on Saturday at Sachsenring

We did not expect these crowds. ADAC GT Masters is a big motorsport event indeed, but the size of the on looking crowds was just intimidating. Our one day presentation quickly turned into a two day event during which we could not stop talking.

The interest was huge and the R1 placed up front in Paddock 1 was like a supermodel on a red carpet. The reaction during our presentation laps on Sunday went far beyond our expectations. The whole length of the main straight was covered with cameras while the PA shouted out the performance figures of the R1 Turbo. We have shown our potential and no one was disappointed. It was a great feeling to see such an amount of enthusiasm over our Cup. The organisation team of ADAC was exemplary and the overall feeling gave us confidence in our future calendar plans. Big thanks to Michael Rabhan and Lars Soutchka for their support.

Testing is over and the R1 Endurance Cup preparation is in full motion. Everyone who was at the Nurburgring last Friday, during the Blancpain endurance series, would have had to be blind to not to see our stand by the control tower. Accompanied by its big brother LMP, the R1 was in the spotlight. We spoke to many drivers, managers and journalists, our girls visited all the teams and finally the car running its presentational laps made sure that everyone knew what is coming next year. The R1 Endurance Cup introduces a new platform of affordable prototype racing and we are very pleased with the feedback we are getting. Thanks goes to Mr Rattel for his early recognition of our series.

Prototype racing was never this close. Le Mans is never too far. Come and race the R1 Turbo!

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