New graphics, new accessories and attention to detail for the new Praga Dragon EVO 2

New graphics, new accessories and attention to detail for the new Praga Dragon EVO 2

The Dragon EVO 2 is the newest Praga Kart chassis made by IPKarting, aimed at shifter and single-speed categories. Combined with a chassis with a consolidated design, Dragon EVO 2 features the top-of-the-line accessories and completely renewed graphics which marks a clean cut with the previous versions manufactured before 2020. The chassis is composed of 30 mm tubes which are precisely shaped by an automatic hydraulic tube bender and manually welded by highly specialized operators. All the other technical solutions which allow the driver to achieve the right setup remaining unchanged, such as the open bearing cases, at the rear, and the casing which supports the steering column in the front. The camber and caster adjustments are entrusted to the qualified and experienced CCS system (Caster Camber System) designed by IPKarting.

The braking system adopted for the Dragon EVO 2 is the tested RBS.V2 system. For the shifter categories there is also the STR.V2 system on the front axle. In this case too, the attention given to efficiency and driving feeling to be guaranteed to the drivers is at its maximum. With a 4-piston caliper, in fact, the braking modulation is improved and the risk of locking the throttle off is limited. The calipers, in full IPKarting production philosophy, are all machined from a solid block by CNC machining and with shapes designed to optimize heat dissipation and the clearing of dust from the brake pads. The master cylinder is obtained from a solid block as well, and is equipped with a brake pad stroke recovery reservoir which allows the pedal stroke to be kept constant. As for the disc sizes, the 149 mm is available at the front, while an optional 195 mm size is added to the standard 187 mm at the rear.

Abandoning the white and gold colors of the previous series, the new graphics present the predominance of the blue color combined with a carbon-like texture. The new Praga logo takes the place, on the front, of the lion which has been present since the brand’s debut. Underneath the new graphics are the 506 fairings by KG, designed using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) analysis to optimize air flow by reducing resistance and improving the supply of air to the radiator and engine. The 330 mm diameter steering wheel is manufactured by KG as well and is installed as standard on the inclined hub. An adjustable steering wheel hub is available as an option. Also new are the pedals, made of 7075 aluminum alloy and multi-adjustable on 4 inclination positions, in addition to 5 different positions for the brake rod and 3 positions for the accelerator cable.

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