Episode 7: Orange Army

Episode 7: Orange Army

On a weekend at Brands Hatch at the end of July clouded by the tragic loss of marshal, Robert Foote, racing took a back seat while drivers and team members reflected on the inherent dangers of motorsport: although rare nowadays, still a reality that means we are all indebted to the voluntary work all marshals do whenever we go racing.

This episode is dedicated to the memory of Robert Foote, as well as every member of the Orange Army who dedicate their time to keep everyone in motorsport safe. Praga Cars has commissioned a limited run of exclusive postcards to raise funds for all those affected by the incident.

Prior to the events of Saturday, Praga Academy driver Jay Morton took a chance to hone his car control skill in a Caterham around a handling course. Learning from professional test and race driver Ben Collins how to control a slide – something that would soon be tested on a damp and greasy Brands Hatch Indy circuit.

Brands Hatch Indy is by far the shortest track on the Britcar Endurance series calendar. With a lap time in the Praga R1 of around 46 seconds and 30 cars on the grid, fighting for track position here is key to setting a competitive qualifying time.

The Praga Limited Edition Praga postcard pack can be bought here.

Limited Edition Praga postcard pack for marshal memorial fundraiser

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